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Latest Comments for 972-273

June 20 7:28 pm
I use to work for them, I drove roughly 1200 miles a week, They gave 50 bucks for gas, I work 60-70 hrs each week. Got paid 7bucks an hour, Was promised 5% commision, Never saw a dime of it! The work is crap, the are very un organize, and I am sure they are richer than [***]

June 20 5:27 pm
This is another number the Indians are calling from, the 916-395-0000 is the first number. They called me at work and on my cell phone also. These people are crazy! Please help to stop them from doing this, they should go back to their own country and be thrown in jail.

June 20 4:23 am
This guy says he represent a credit card company, and proceeds to scream, rant and threaten.  I've reported this number to the police.

June 20 5:14 am
Got a call today from 248-387-4039

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