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January 11 10:41 pm
Has the number 000 000 0 calle3d you back?

January 11 12:34 pm
need information ,pics and etc on this guy.seems to be a group that may be using this same number.i have been talking with a guy for almost a year and he has asked for money so many times for a leave to come back home in USA from Ghana.each time he was suppose to leave, he was caught for some reason and then months later he would attempt to come home has been 3 times that money was needed for him to get home.this last time he got caught by immigration police and the immigration police are harrassing me for money to pay for fees to keep him out of big trouble. I have sent money and now wish that I hadnt because something just isnt quiet right.i have been threatened and my 3 laptops have been hacked,taken over by them and they particioned my laptops,2 in which changed pc password so I cant get on them and this one redirects and sends to fake pages.i was in high hopes that the guy I have been talking to is real and is honest with me.i havent seen his name on this link yet.but he has a callbot number as you said that the guy texts you you have pics or other links,info that may be of help to me ? I am from Mississippi, USA. my email address is [email protected]/* */thanks

January 11 2:37 pm
I have been on the do not call list for two years and still receive calls. It doesnt matter if you put yourself on there, places use number generators.

January 11 11:19 am
my mom got a call at 1200am ! 0 how ceepy O_o

January 11 11:44 pm
That is weird. I have also had a call at 3 in the am. It was about 3:30ish so annoying. I was ticked and sent it to voicemail they called back so i turned my phone off

January 11 10:05 am
I received a call on my cell and told them to cease and desist, then hung up.

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