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Latest Comments for 979-323

January 7 9:03 am
Skype received- This is a general number for Skype incoming calls... Nothing to worry about unless a scammer is using it- you might be getting a call from a known one...

January 6 1:25 pm
I have received two phone calls from this organization. One in June and the most recent one yesterday, August 8. The phone calls are from Fluoride Free Kansas and this most recent phone call was about an anti-fluoridation meeting in Haysville on August 8. This is a robocall, so it's not even a real person. It's just a machine calling and SPAMMING me.

January 15 7:03 am
This appears to be a private nursing service with a male named Charles. He makes a appointment for services then doesn't show up. When you attempt to reach him, he hangs up or takes phone off hook. Very strange.

January 6 1:28 pm
Called said her name was Deidra and had her supervisor available to confirm my subscription. They never stated the name of the company and legitimate companies have to state their name for legal purposes.

January 1 11:02 pm
Got a prank phone call asking who I was and why I kept calling his girlfriend. Sounded like a recorded message. Three phone calls in a row.

January 1 5:45 am
If you go to you can obtain her contact information for $9.95.  If you do not want to invest the money, you can just see where she has lived or lives and can see who she is associated with.

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