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Latest Comments for 980-355

January 11 2:51 am
Received a call from this unusual phone number. No message.

January 11 6:20 pm
Robo-dialers are the worst in my opinion, and should be BANNED globallyThere are federal and state laws restricting robodialers. You have to give them permission to use it, or have an established business relationship with them.Yeah, the law is widely broken and not enforced. Unfortunately.

January 11 12:17 pm
I get them about 3 times a day, on my landline.which is CenturyLink. I cant stand it anymore!

January 11 10:42 pm
Dave is quite correct. Sorry to burst your bubble

January 11 11:37 pm
Spanish radio announcement

January 11 1:41 am
another "improving your air quality" - -

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