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Latest Comments for 980-355

January 11 1:05 am
Insult the foreigner. I kept repeating ...YOUR ENGLISH IS BAD! YOUR ENGLISH IS BAD!

January 11 8:13 pm
So the human race is the evolved species on this planet. Youre joking, right? See, this is why aliens dont visit this planet. They just point it out to their kids & everyone laughs as they fly by.

January 11 8:11 am
Lower my credit card rate.

January 11 11:16 am
They said nothing as all ways

January 11 8:21 am
I have had my new phone from Sprint for two weeks and keep getting this number. I dont know who they are b/c I refuse to answer any unknown number, if it is important they leave a message. I, on average, get about 5 calls a day from this company.

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