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Latest Comments for 989-484

2016-05-23 10:11:06
Caller with a very heavy Indian accent claims to be from Dell and states that my computer is sending error messages.  I hung up.

2016-05-23 06:20:38
I did receive 4 calls but i didn\'t answer them.

2016-05-23 01:52:53
I only wish I had that service!!! What a great idea!

2016-05-23 05:30:32
I wish I had not put my number on the do not call list. Putting my # on that list was like signing up to receive more calls! Its ridiculous.

2016-05-23 20:14:56
No its true, try it. My dads a pilot and has been using skype to call whenever hes overseas and its always either this number or one similar. Scammers just use it too. Try calling your cell with skype credits and see what happens, Im guessing itll be a 661 number at the least. He only uses it when overseas but my bet is it cycles through the same numbers no matter where youre calling from

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