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December 4 8:57 am
I do not have a card with capital one, have NEVER had a card with capital one and for that matter will never have a card with capital one. But they call several times EVERY day. So saying they only call if you are late is bull. You cant be late with a payment unless you have an account with them.

December 4 10:35 am
Ha-ha. Now you know the downside of a full-time cell phone with or without texting. Yes I have a cell phone but texting is blocked. It is only on when I am out.Understand this --> Its a PHONE!If you are absolutely, positively scared of missing a call or text, then you are addicted! Get help!These are not calls from your carrier...unless you use some schlock carrier who probably supports telemarketers. Any big carrier, Verizon, AT&T, etc, is making truck loads of money from cell phone with the scammers calling your precious cell phone.

December 4 1:25 am
Received a response to a Craigslist Post simply stating "Call this number 1277628018"

December 4 2:10 pm
Caller keeps texting and harassing after told to not contact me. He continues to intentionally annoy me by randomly texting me. He is a sticker type person who is seeking to intimidate and sexually harass me. He seems to be psychiopathic.

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